Dog Grooming Tips

No matter what breed of dog you plan to purchase there are some grooming tips you will want to know. All dogs need proper grooming for the health and attractiveness of the breed. Read on to find out what you need to do in the grooming process and learn how beneficial it is to not only to your dog but for you as well.

Coat Grooming

All dogs have coats; some are short, long, wire-haired, curly, straight, or wavy. No matter the coat, you will need to invent in a good brush. The brush you decide upon needs to be the type that will get through your dog's hair without causing harm to skin or pull on the hair. Wire steel brushing are great to use to get loose hair before it falls on your furniture and carpet. You can also purchase wire combs, which are best for smaller breeds since they tend to be a bit smaller.

Choose the size of your brush or comb in accordance with the size of your dog. If you have a large dog, choose a larger brush that will cover more area as you brush. If you have a small dog, a smaller brush will be easier to use to get behind the ears and other small areas. Bathe your dog when he is visibly dirty or has a foul odor. Shampooing dries out a dog's coat and can rip some dog's natural oils from its hair. These natural oils protect the dog's skin and in some breeds, repel water.

Trimming Nails

The frequency of trimming your dog's nails depends on if your dog goes outdoors often especially on concrete and how fast the nails grow. If your dog runs on concrete then the nails usually file down to an appropriate length. If not, you will have to purchase some nail clippers especially designed for dogs.

When cutting, place the clipper above the wick. The wick is the part of the nail where you see the nerve. You don't want to clip the nerve because it will bleed and does cause some discomfort to the dog. Sometimes it is hard to see where the wick begins so you may have to take your dog to the vet or professional groomer for clippings.

Ear Cleaning

All dogs need to have their ears cleaned. This is because wax and dirt accumulates in them, which can lead to bacteria growth. You can usually tell when your dog needs an ear cleaning if he is shaking his head often and scratching. However, if after cleaning out his ears, your dog continues to exhibit this behavior, you need to consult with your vet because he may have an ear infection or other health concern.

Tarter Control

Yes, even dogs need their teeth cleaned. They have specially made toothbrushes for dogs that you can purchase at your local pet store. You can train your dog to sit still while you brush his teeth. Some dogs will not allow their owners to do this so you may need a professional groomer help you with this task.

Spending Quality Time

Not only will proper grooming keep your dog looking nice and healthy, but also it will allow you to have one to one time with your pet. Life can get hectic and even dogs can tell that you are busy. Time spent with your dog will keep your pooch happy and will remind you why you love your dog so very much.


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