The Well Known and the Hidden Advantages of Motor Scooters

Motor scooters are one of the most convenient mode of transport available. They are very affordable, able to run on gas, and are very easy to operate. These are the more obvious advantages of motor scooters. Everyone knows that most motor scooters have electric starters installed, so even the most dainty lady can start a motor scooter.

Due to its small capacity and size, the motor scooter is also vastly popular with ladies. It can be redesigned and sprayed with many colorful paints to make it look more like a fashion companion than a transport tool. Traditional motorcycles are often too bulky for anyone with a small frame to handle. And size can definitely be intimidating, especially to ladies. Even the simple act of placing a motorcycle on its main stand can become a problem.

Moreover, traditional motorcycles are more difficult to handle and operate. The clutches, gear changing and foot brakes keep all four limps busy when operating a traditional motor bike. But a motor scooter has automatic gear changing. So riding a motor scooter is like riding a bicycle, except that you don't have to pedal! The throttle works the same way as an ordinary motorcycle, but there is no gear changing involved. Both the front and rear brakes are operated by the hands. So the legs are free to relax while riding. Therefore, it's certainly more relaxing and enjoyable to ride a motor scooter. And there is more to come.

Although having a large number of advantages as stated above, the most notable advantage is still its afford ability. Motor scooters now come in as little as 50cc in capacity. The bikes themselves are highly affordable, and can be bought for as little as a few hundred dollars. For scooters that run on gas, the savings are even higher due to higher fuel economy standards.

For these reasons, the motor scooter becomes a highly sought after item for anyone, even if they own a car or a bigger motorcycle. If there are increases in petrol prices caused by the oil market upswing, owning a gas motor scooter will definitely help to weather the increase in petrol price hikes. It's going to be cheaper to travel to work, and to run errands on a motor scooter compared to a car.

Traveling to work, running errands, fetching children from schools are all very practical tasks. And many people have to have some mode of transport to fill these functions. Sometimes, the grocery store may be just a few blocks away, and it does sound like a tremendous waste to have to drive a car there when a motor scooter would have gotten the job done.

Finally, the experience of riding a motor scooter is certainly very different from any other forms of transport. Motor scooter riders have often saying that there is a feeling of freedom when riding their scooters. In a way, this is true because they are, in fact, literally free as they are traveling on the roads, not enclosed by any windows or doors. Perhaps it is this experience that is luring the riders to ride their scooters again and again.


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