Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament (3 on 3)

Caramat Internet Café
2nd Floor Lingayen – Public Market

Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament (3 on 3)
Map de_dust

Counter Strike 1.6 Rules

Time per round 3 minutes
Starting money 16000
Buy time 3 minutes
Best of 3 up to 15

The allocation of teams to terrorist and counter-terrorist will be decided via a knife round or by the mutual consent of the two teams. (TOSS COIN)

1. The terrorist plants a bomb in one of two different bomb sites (bomb site "A" and "B") and it explodes destroying the area (just one site needs to be destroyed to win).
2. The terrorist plants a bomb and the counter-terrorist defuse it before it explodes.
3. Either team to be killed off before a bomb is planted and the remaining team members are the winning team. After the bomb is planted the counter-terrorist will still have to defuse it, even if all terrorist are dead.

In the computer game only one terrorist can carry a bomb and it will drop at his feet if he dies. If the bomb is planted there is a 45 second to 1 minute timer before it explodes and a warning goes out to all players that a bomb has been planted but not which bomb site it has been planted at. Usually both terrorist and counter-terrorist start away from both bomb sites creating a strategy to split up your team or go together or create a diversion to one site and plant at another etc. In the computer game there is usually a time limit on the game of about 5 minutes.

Console Settings:
cl_sidespeed hud_fastswitch bind v "+use" (for bomb defuse)
cl_backspeed hud_takeshot bind e =???????????????????
cl_upspeed sensitivity c4timer = 45 seconds
cl_forwardspeed mp_footstep 0
sv_maxspeed mp_fadetoblack 1

Other console settings or "CHEATS" are not allow. Cheating will be terminated with the game or punished with an permanent ban within the Caramat Internet Café.

Time out

1 time out each team
Time out allow before or after the round.

Special time out
For technical problem or emergency purpose only.

For Audience:
No sound
No coaching
No spy


Only 1 player for each team.
Substitution only allow if the player injured or emergency purpose only.

Bring watcher for both team to avoid any cheats.

Registration fee P100.00 per head.

For any suggestion or clarification please call my attention.

Contact: YM = cp no = 09274011292

Game Master


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